From Gutenburg to Beyoncé
Book Design Inspired by Blackletter Typography
From Gutenburg to Beyoncé is a discussion about the history and evolution of Blackletter typography in culture and design. The history of Blackletter is long and colourful, beginning with the invention of the printing press. In 1933 Hitler declared Fraktur to be the people’s font. It can now be associated with beer labels, heavy metal bands, gangsta’ rap and Disneyland, yet still have Nazi connotations.

The book is hopeful about the future of blackletter and aims to encourage the designer to understand the stereotypes and work with them, rather than avoid them. The design incorporates abstract screen printed details of popular blackletter font Fette Fraktur. These screen prints are carefully selected decorative motifs, chosen because they enhance the curves and calligraphic forms of the letters without evoking any of the stereotypes that often surround Blackletter. They span the length of the discussion giving weight to the idea that Blackletter still has the potential to be seen in a new light.

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